Christmas Table – Style Decor Ideas

Christmas is a time to gather family, friends, everyone you love to celebrate the union and the end of another year. Nothing better than gathering everyone around a table full of a supper prepared with all the love and care, with typical dishes of this time of year and all your favorites! The decoration of the table cannot fail to enter into this Christmas atmosphere, with many green and red ornaments, lights, a special towel and its separate dishes for the biggest celebrations!

Today we have another post related to Christmas table decor, but in this one, we focus on the styles that you might want to adopt at your table.

In any type of decoration, whether for your home or at the table, there are several styles of decoration for you to compose. We separate here three styles, from classic to contemporary-minimalist, whatever your taste, budget, and even willingness to make and organize your arrangements.

Classic Christmas table

The green, red, and gold table, in the classic colors of Christmas, never go out of style! For those who want a traditional decoration, bet on a red towel, candles in the center of the table, and even arrangements with leaves and pine cones. It is a type of easy decoration, which can be easily done and, if you have Christmas ornaments leftover or from past celebrations, use them as complements for your table!

Rustic Christmas table

The rustic decor, with many elements in wood, natural fibers, leather, and raw cotton is on the rise for those who are within the growing trend of the rustic. This decoration can become very elegant and sophisticated, bet on candles scattered on the table, many aromatic herbs, and even plants to give a natural finishing touch to your composition.

Minimalist Christmas table

Another contemporary trend is minimalism and, even in times when the decoration is more expressive and full of details like Christmas, it is possible to apply this lifestyle. Insert green or red elements (or even both) and even some candles or lights in your decoration and it will completely lose the face of simplicity and become more elegant. Gold or silver are also great colors to add to your decor and make them more festive. In this type of decoration, also bet on the simplest forms and without many ornaments and think that less is more!

Now that you have some decorating tips for your table, take a look at our gallery for more ideas and inspirations that can be used!











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