Christmas Garland – What is It and Decoration Gallery

Do you know Christmas garland? Certainly yes! This is because this is the most “Christmas to all” Christmas ornament that exists.

It goes well inside and outside the house, in traditional or modern decorations, on the ceiling, on the wall, or the Christmas tree. And do you know what the only thing you need to use the garland for Christmas decoration? Creativity! Only that.

We give you a helping hand with various ideas!

What is Christmas garland?

The Christmas garland is nothing more than a kind of cord (wired or inline) made of nylon or PVC to simulate pine branches. There is currently a huge variety of Christmas festivities on the market, from traditional greens to colorful ones, such as pink, blue, and lilac. There is also the option to use white garland, ideal to simulate the snow effect, or maybe even bet on a golden or silver garland to bring a more glamorous touch to Christmas decoration.

The garland sizes are also quite varied, reaching up to eight meters in length. The thickness of the garland is another feature of the ornament that you can choose from. There are those thinner to the thickest and thickest.

How and where to use the Christmas garland

Originally, the Christmas garland was used to increase the volume of Christmas trees (natural or artificial). But over time, this Christmas ornament turned out to be a great 1001 uses, being used for different types of decoration,  and incredible inspirations.










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