Choose the Best Colors for the Bedroom

What do you take into account when choosing colors for your bedroom? If you haven’t paid attention to the psychological and sensory influence of colors, it’s time to review your concepts. Planning the house from a decorative point of view is very important, but it also needs to be thought of from the subjective needs of each person.

Yes, because for every emotion or sensation, there is a specific bedroom color that is directly related. For those who need a little push at bedtime, you can count on the help of the color blue. For those who just want a good place to relax and rest, the option is to bet on the shades of green, and for those who prefer a mother’s lap or that feeling of warmth, you can lean back in the shades of yellow.

Room colors: Blue

Blue is the color of calm, peace, and tranquility. It provokes feelings of kindness, serenity, and patience, being very useful for eliminating negative energies from environments. However, it is important to use it in moderation, as blue belongs to the cold color family and excessive use can bring apathy, coldness, and depressive emotions. Blue is also considered the male color and is always associated with gender.

Just like yellow, the color can be inserted into the bedroom in small amounts or over wider areas. Analyze the feeling you want to awaken. The complementary color of blue is yellow. For softer combinations, bet on neutral tones, such as gray and white. 

Room colors: Green

Green is a mixture of blue and yellow. The warmer shades of green have more yellow, while the darker and colder shades of green have more blue in the composition. This mixture makes a green carry in itself a little of the characteristics of each color that composes it. However, it has its own very important characteristics in the world of colors.

Green is the color of balance. In chromotherapy, color is the only one that has no contraindications, being recommended for cases of insomnia, nervous excitement, high blood pressure, and headaches. The color is sedative, hypnotic and helps reduce fatigue. Green is also considered the color of hope and fertility.

Bedroom colors: Purple

Purple, violet, and lilac. There are several tones, but what they have in common are the sensations aroused. Purple conveys nobility, spirituality, magic, mysticism, and power. Yes, she is strong and not for everyone. It needs personality and style to face the color. And one thing is undeniable: you either love her or hate her.

Purple is a secondary color resulting from the union between blue and red. When decorating, the color can be used together with green, its complementary color, creating extravagant and daring combinations. If you prefer to stay in the field of sobriety, bet on the color combination with light neutral tones like white and grey. The combination with black has a refined religious aspect, so look carefully before opting for this pair


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