Children’s Bedroom With Bunk Beds For 3 Children

The little ones love bunk beds, if they get along also, at an early age they love to share a room with their siblings, beautiful bonds and complicities are created that do not arise when they have separate rooms.

Bunk beds are a great space-saving resource. They are the perfect solution to place two beds where there is only room for one.

It is the best way to optimize the space of a children’s bedroom at the top and well, in the market, there are so many types, that they no longer have to be those horrendous old metal structures because we refer to the photos, these that we show you today They are beautiful.

This is a bedroom shared by 3 kids, almost nothing: O, decorated with floral wallpaper on the walls and pine wood floor with a large Persian-type rug. The bunk is made of white painted wood with wide beds and a nice shape with railing. For the rest, some children’s toys and stuffed animals ensure that the decoration has a romantic and tender air.

This children’s bedroom is part of a 118 m² apartment decorated in the same Nordic style with Nordic – vintage touches in which there are still 3 more bedrooms.

As for storage, if you see that it is missing in the photos or that it is scarce, look at the plan and where it says G, KLK, förråd or garderobe, you know that these are cabinets, built-in cabinets, walk-ins or similar, so that actually, the issue of storage is well solved on this floor. 

Take a look and get truly inspired!


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