Chic and Shabby Decorating Ideas for Every Room of your Home

If you have the love for the chic and shabby look, there are some schemes to get to it. Do you know that this is one of the most popular trends ever? It’s going strong almost 20 years after the term was first coined. So this eclectic style that mixes antique furniture with feminine florals, lace, and pastel colors is often referred to as vintage chic or country chic.

The shabby chic design and vintage home decor are so inexpensive and so easy to achieve. You just have to love this dreamy and soft style. So, there’s not so much to do, knowing that its most basic the shabby chic is upcycled or antiqued furniture. Problem solved, ka-ching! This also means that you can either find old pieces that are cheap or to buy modern furniture at a lower cost so you can give a chic makeover yourself.

Now, you can get to see the wonderful shabby rooms in our gallery. And also to learn not just some, but all the tips and tricks for creating this style!

Mix minimal color with maximum detail

 Create a farmhouse feel using country creams


 Create a farmhouse feel using country creams

 Classic rose prints to recreate this lovely look


Farmhouse feel with soft curves and chalky hues

Allow your mini-me to fall in love with shabby chic

Work in vintage accessories and feminine accents

Play pick and mix with mismatched accessories


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