Chandelier for Double Bedroom – 9 Models in Beautiful Designs

Lighting is one of the main points in any decoration project, directly changing how the environment can be observed and the areas that will be highlighted. In a double room, it is no different, it is necessary to keep the atmosphere pleasant with a touch of sophistication and delicacy.

An interesting way to approach lighting in couples’ rooms is with the use of chandeliers with modern or classic features and materials. Not only present in the lighting center of the room, but they can also play an auxiliary role in lighting, be it near tables, desks, above nightstands, etc.

When choosing the chandelier of your preference, pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications as electrical items, the weight that the ceiling must support, the need to have or not a plaster lining, as some models need the plaster to hide part of the installation.

Models and Photos of Chandeliers for Couples Rooms

There are actually a wide variety of chandelier models, made with different materials and shapes, be it crystal, with metallic structure, in the shape of a chandelier, with satin threads and others. To facilitate your search for inspirations, we have separated beautiful environments with different chandeliers applied, so you can get a sense of how each environment can look.











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