Chacakul House by 0studio Arquitectura in Chacala, Mexico

Project: Chacakul House
0studio Arquitectura
Chacala, Mexico
3,660 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by:
César Belio

Chacakul House by 0studio Arquitectura

Chacakul House, crafted by 0studio Arquitectura in Chacala, Mexico, stands as an elegant and linear masterpiece on the coastal landscape of Nayarit. The design comprises two solid forms connected by a bridge, acting as a link between volumes with a beautiful brick lattice. Responding to the client’s program, public areas are gracefully placed on the ground level, while private spaces find their home on the second level.

Casa Chacakul is located on a unique site on the coast of Nayarit, Mexico. Its design was conceived under a simple and elegant linear plan. With two solid forms connected by a bridge that acts by itself as a link between both volumes with the help of a brick lattice. The client’s request for a specific program helped us divide the public areas between the ground level and the private areas on the second level.

The site had some impressive trees that needed to be respected and we decided to embrace them and make them our main protagonists in this what we call a “man and landscape merger”. So thanks to this context we have the desired results.

Casa Chacakul morphs basically all the time thanks to the constant natural light and shadows created by the natural surroundings.

Built with local materials, Casa Chacakul’s colors are created with a mix of cement and the natural soil from within. So it helps to camouflage the building with its natural surroundings.

Our main concern was to develop a project that connects the user with the context surrounding the building, thus giving freedom and a natural feeling to the user.

0studio Arquitectura


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