Casa JLM by Enrique Cabrera Arquitecto in Chicxulub, Mexico

Project: Casa JLM
Architects: Enrique Cabrera Arquitecto
Location: Chicxulub, Mexico
Area: 4,300 sq ft (plot)
Photographs by: Courtesy of Enrique Cabrera Arquitecto

Casa JLM by Enrique Cabrera Arquitecto

Casa JLM is a luxurious beachfront residence located in Chicxulub, Mexico on one of the most traditional summer beaches of the Yucatan coast. Designed by Enrique Cabrera Arquitectothis home resides on a 4,300 square feet plot that offers an undisturbed view of the beautiful beach from all three stories of the house. The building itself is designed in the contemporary style, keeping the private areas on the last floor which maintains privacy while allowing for breathtaking views.

This project is located on one of Chicxulub Puerto’s most traditional summer beaches of the Yucatan coast, 40 minutes north of the city of Merida, on a plot of 4,300 square feet with a frontage of 3 feet and 130 feet deep, and a clear view to the beach.

Three levels were constructed with a full mastery of the environment and surrounding buildings. The owners commissioned a home with a conventional program on two floors which gives priority to family life. A double height was integrated, creating a mezzanine above the kitchen with views of the terrace and the beach and free of structural elements, making it a unique place where you can participate in all social activities.

The private areas on the third level reach above the other existing houses, with a range that allows for views of the coast from the bedrooms while also maintaining privacy.

The concrete texture symbolizes the strength and robustness that protects the house and is contrasted by the use of glass with its transparent and fragile qualities.

A home where a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces are linked is generated by the beauty of the Yucatan coast.

Enrique Cabrera Arquitecto


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