Carpet Drying – What Factors Affect it and What is the Best Method to Dry your Carpet?

Nothing beautifies your home better than adding a good-looking carpet. But at the same time, this upholstery item is also subject to a lot of wear and tear. The elements such as dust, dirt, food, pet dander, and others that you bring into your house wind up on your carpet, making it look dirty, smell bad, and house too many germs.

Over time, walking on the carpet with such substances causes the stains to go deep. At one point, it becomes challenging to remove them, which is why cleaning it regularly is a must. A professional carpet cleaning is the remedy here. Besides professional cleaning, your carpet also needs to be fully dried before you use it again.

Why Should I Dry Carpets Before Using?

Wet or damp carpets become a home to mould or mildew. Such substances multiply in numbers, causing your home to smell bad and also invite various allergies and infections for your family members. Thus, drying your carpet should be taken seriously by all means.

What Factors Influence the Drying of Carpet?

The time that any carpet may take to dry depends upon many factors. The most important of all is the type of carpet. Carpets are made using a variety of materials. While some dry quickly, others may take a day or two to completely get rid of the dampness. Carpet drying further depends upon the type of cleaner used, the weather, as well as the level of humidity in the air.

Different types of carpets demand different amounts of time. Synthetic fibre dries out quickly, but a rug made in natural fibre such as cotton or wool may take more time. It would be best to use a remedy that dries both the carpet completely, despite their varied fabrics or the type of cleaner used to wash the carpet.

How to Dry the Carpet Quickly?

There are many ways to dry your carpet quickly. Listed below are the most sought-after alternatives.

Open the Doors and Windows of your Home

You can let the doors and windows of your home open to dry the carpet. This remedy works if there is sunny weather outside. The sunlight helps to dry the fibres quickly. To make the most of this method, we advise you to clean the carpet when the weather is good.

Alternatively, you can also switch on the fan, air conditioners, and other equipment to dry the carpet properly.

Use a Professional Equipment to Dry the Carpet

A professional drying equipment such as an air mover works wonders when it comes to cleaning your carpet. Air movers are an indispensable tool for water extraction and absorption process. No matter the carpet cleaning method, using an air mover to quickly dry your carpet offers efficient results.

There are many uses of this machine. An air mover is an excellent tool when it comes to drying your carpet. Besides rug and carpet, it can also be used to dry paints, ink coatings, flood water restorations and more. Air movers are also used in many industrial settings to remove the toxic gases and unpleasant fumes from the environment. It makes such settings safe for breathing.

Air movers are also used for blowing air to cool down overheated motors or to humidity the area. They spray water mist that helps the air cool down. When compared to traditional methods or home remedies, this carpet drying method stands out of all and provides promising results.


When you hire a professional carpet cleaning service, ensure to ask if they use an efficient carpet drying method such as extraction or air mover to dry the fibres of the carpet. Do not overlook the drying of your carpet. Invest in a good-quality air mover yourself or hire a professional service that has this equipment handy.


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