Calacatta: The Stunning Natural Stone Taking Interior Design by Storm

In recent years, natural stone has succeeded in gaining an important place in our interiors. Often synonymous with elegance, we find them in all colors and with various and varied patterns. And this year marks the emergence of Calacatta, a variety of marble with sumptuous veining.

Calacatta: a unique and prestigious marble

If there is one material that perfectly embodies elegance and refinement, it is Calacatta. Used for centuries in architecture and sculpture, Calacatta marble now finds its place on furniture with resolutely contemporary lines.

Calacatta is a marble of Italian origin known for its beauty and distinctive character. Indeed, it is characterized by a white or slightly gray background, and by a veining that can go from purple to gold, which gives it a look worthy of a work of art. Each piece of Calacatta being unique, it is a preferred choice for those looking for exceptional and inimitable pieces of furniture.

The timeless elegance of Calacatta furniture

Calacatta furniture will bring a touch of timeless elegance to any room in the house. Whether on a dining table, a console table, a marble coffee table, or even a kitchen worktop, the Calacatta will give a feeling of sophistication and luxury. With its luminous and shiny appearance that reflects light, it also helps to bring texture and strength to the room.

With which materials to associate it?

This variety of marble is very graphic, so we advise you to combine it with more neutral materials for a classic and timeless look. For example, light oak or walnut for the wood, velvet or loop knit for the textiles.

To enhance the intensity of the veining, you can also add touches of golden brass or stainless steel.

Where can you find a Calacatta coffee table?

After the big travertine trend, the French brand Talka has just launched a new collection of furniture in Calacatta marble. Coffee tables, consoles, columns, and even bathroom basins now complete their catalog of natural stone furniture.

Decoration tips

  • For a room like the living room, use the Calacatta coffee table as a focal point to attract all eyes. It can in particular be sublimated with a beautiful carpet and a pretty styling.
  • Do not hesitate to play on soft and warm materials to counter the cold aspect of natural stone.
  • You can also use Calacatta marble in a more subtle way, especially with decorative elements such as trays, vases or candle holders. Even if they are small, the character of the stone will make all the difference in your decor.

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Author: Renata Kralevska

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