Buying a Miami house: finding homes for sale or rent

If you are considering buying houses in Miami-Dade, you can select the most prestigious areas of Miami, located on the coast. Start your search by getting to know the locations of Miami. You can find current ads with the best houses for sale or rent, also find information about what the area is known for, why it is preferable, an up-to-date and complete selection of current offers for buying houses in this Miami area, also rent houses and villas in Miami with prices and photos, information about sales, how many days on the market, are there any sales from the bank, etc.

A brief guide: how to buy a house in Miami?

There is a well-known saying that applies primarily to buying a house (or apartment) – location, location, location. So the main criterion when purchasing real estate in the US, particularly in Miami, is its location, which is especially true for villas in Miami. When choosing a house here, first of all, pay attention to the area’s elite, the cost of neighboring houses, whether this house is located in a gated community (guarded village), proximity to the ocean, and many other factors your realtor will tell you.

Then look at:

  • the year of construction;
  • the size of the house;
  • the area of ​​the lot;
  • the decoration of the house;
  • the improvements on the site (pool, guest house, jacuzzi, etc.);
  • the number of bedrooms;
  • the style of renovation.

It is also important, before you make an offer (your bid to the owner), to familiarize yourself with the comparison of sales prices in the area, the number of houses under the contract (pending sales), the approximate amount of tax on land and buildings on it, and also conduct an inspection of the condition of the house (home inspection) for possible hidden damage or termites.

Varieties of houses in Florida

There are several kinds of houses:

  1. Single Family home (SFH) – a detached house in Miami on a separate plot of land, the most familiar real estate option for us. The advantages of acquiring this type of real estate are that you will be isolated from your neighbors, and the investment attractiveness of this type of real estate is traditionally high. When buying a small house in Miami, you should pay attention to the presence of legal/illegal redevelopment outbuildings. In the state of Florida, a lot of attention is paid to the presence or absence of appropriate permits for structural changes to the building – permits. Such permits are taken from the city council. If any modifications were made without a proper permit, the city authorities could impose fines on the house owner, which the new owner would have to deal with. All these nuances will help to provide and check an experienced realtor. Remember that a realtor works with buyers in Florida for free (the seller pays the commission).
  2. Duplex – a house in Miami divided into two parts, each with its separate entrance and often a courtyard. This is a great example of a profitable real estate option; investors purchase such houses to rent. You get rent from two parts of the house at once.
  3. Triplex – a house in Miami consisting of three parts (apartments), an even more profitable investment option, can be rented to three families.
  4. The townhouse is a Miami townhouse, a popular real estate option in Florida, a cross between an apartment and a house. These houses have separate entrances but are connected by a common wall. Also, each such part has a small courtyard. The number of floors can be either one or 2-3 floors, depending on the layout. The maintenance of such a house is cheaper than a detached house, but the townhouse will also have monthly maintenance payments (maintenance), as in apartments.

After you have looked at all the possible options that meet your requirements, you have chosen one or two, and you can make an offer – an offer to buy a house seller. An offer is a prepared contract for the sale and purchase, and if the seller is not satisfied with your price or some other conditions, he will make a counteroffer by entering his contract provisions. The exchange of copies will last until the parties agree (or not, and then the bargaining will stop).

After the mutual signing of the agreed terms, the contract is considered executed (executed), and you can send a deposit (usually 5-10% of the contract amount) to the title company, which in most cases, is chosen by the buyer. Title companies are specialized firms with a lawyer in the state, which are intermediaries and conduct sale and purchase transactions.

They make sure that the buyer transfers the entire amount at the time of completion of the transaction) the seller provided a “clean” title to the property, and there were no prohibitions on alienation, debts, and other problems so that the new owner could safely dispose of and sell his acquisition. There are many nuances when purchasing real estate in Florida and everywhere else, so it is important to choose an experienced realtor that you can trust.

Buy a house on the coast

The special atmosphere is increasingly motivating people to buy a house in Miami. The demand for housing here does not stop growing year by year. This is a unique place for permanent residence. Those who buy a house in Miami, USA, acquire a special lifestyle.

If you want to buy a villa, on Florida.Realestate site, you will find a large database of property. The sale of villas is one of the main directions of our activity.

Housing prices depend on the area, infrastructure, house area, and some bedrooms and bathrooms. You will select the option that is perfect for you!


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