Bring Nature Indoors with Pampas Grass With the Creative Ways to Decorate Your Living Space

In our gardens, pampas grass brings a rural and bucolic style. But with its delicate dusters, it also invites itself into our interiors to create a very delicate bohemian atmosphere.

How to store pampas flowers?


Pampa’s flowers are very fragile and should not be handled often. To protect your bouquet and extend its life, you can mist it with hairspray once or twice a year. This will prevent the little feather dusters from coming loose!

Also, remember to shake your dusters very gently outside to get rid of the dust that has settled there.

Pampas grass: the best decoration ideas

With its natural colors, pampas grass brings softness and delicacy to any room of the house. Here are some ideas to incorporate into your interior design.

A pampas grass wall decoration

For a decidedly bohemian style, you can have fun creating a pampas grass wreath. It’s very simple to do this, all you need is a circle (this one does the job perfectly!) and attach your stems to it with a very fine wire. Don’t hesitate to use different dried flowers for a more colorful look!

The more daring can also try the hanging flower arrangement, which is downright hot!

A bunch of pampas grasses in a vase

This is the simplest idea, but also the most effective! You can also play with different compositions: a single rod; A flower; or even a mixture of pampas with other dried flowers.


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