Bring Back the Groovy Era: Top Decorative Ideas for a Seventies Living Room

In fashion as in decor, looking retro is a common practice. Far be it from us to denounce it. No, it wasn’t better before, not everything was perfect during the Glorious Thirties… although in decoration, there is still some doubt. We must admit that we would not be against a bath of youth and the desire to wallow in the seventies style, its good humor, its materials, and colors… and this, particularly in the living room!

How to adopt the seventies style in a living room?

Let it be said in 2023, the revival of the 70s does not know the crisis. Shapes, shades, patterns, and their emblematic aesthetic vocabulary continue to liberate many, many contradictory decorative desires. Because what could be more daring and contrary than a low-lying sofapsychedelic patterns, a shaggy rug, and a lacquered coffee table? The living room remains the room where this style expresses itself best, the place of life where he gives himself to his heart’s content to merge materials and colors in a great objective of life: to invite sharing and relaxation. An anthology of fluffy materials, voluptuous furniture, and charismatic colors, here is a little guide to transport your living room to the 70s.

A low seventies sofa for a tenfold 70s effect!

The first key to a successful seventies-style living room is the presence of a low sofa. Symbol of an era eager to make a revolution even in interiors, this seat is very close to the ground and particularly comfortable and has dusted off overly corseted living rooms in record time. Two sofa models have particularly well symbolized the need of this generation. True best-sellers have spawned in their wake a pile of sofas with voluptuous curves, close to the body and the ground. To fight against the obstacles to comfort in the living room, bet on a beautiful low sofa in the libertarian spirit of the 70s. Depending on your desires – and your taste for risk-taking – you can even choose a sofa model that combines the characteristics of stars of the time: the low seat, velvet upholstery, and bright colors. When we love, we do not count!


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