Brilliant Models Of Green Kitchens That Will Inspire Your Next Renovation

In the art of feng shui, the color green is associated with the idea of ​​growth and renewal. It also embodies youth and transformation, a color well known for boosting creativity. Highly recommended in the kitchen, a friendly, dynamic room where it is good to be together, green in decoration has it all. For a kitchen close to nature, both fresh and elegant, green is perfect. Declined on the furniture, a wall, or some decorative accessories, it will bring a “healthy” touch to this room where you cook good meals for the whole family.

Why succumb to the charm of green cooking?

The other major advantage of the color green is that it is very easy to match with other shades because it has a lot of shades such as dark green, sage green, apple green … highlights by combining it with light colors, such as white or cream walls, or kitchen furniture in natural wood. By small bright touches, green brings a more pop side to the kitchen, both original and modern. In the kitchen, green brings harmony and is very relaxing, thanks to the evocation of nature. Lively, green boosts the enthusiasm… which we need for cooking!

Forest green, sage green, water green: which green kitchen to choose?

We choose a green kitchen to stand out, for a room dedicated to well-being and relaxation. We breathe more lively touches to create dynamism and give energy. With a pretty, slightly aged green, you get a vintage kitchen, country house style, while a beautiful dark green, a bottle green, will evoke a Scandinavian decoration, resolutely trendy.

The green comes in water green to pine green, via olive green and neon green, very tasty! We are spoiled for choice and if we are afraid of the total look, we reserve the green for the wall units, the work plan, or the wall of the kitchen. In small touches, green shows audacity and creates contrasts. Very natural, this shade is inspired by the healthy trend to match the decoration of your kitchen with what’s on your plates. To inspire you, here is a selection of the most beautiful green kitchen models that should make your mouth water.











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