Bright kitchen next to the hall is the perfect space solution

The hall or hall is often not the brightest area of ​​a home, but we have found an apartment in Sweden that shows us the opposite.

Thanks to this, the kitchen, which is the first room we find when entering the interior, is so bright that it gives the feeling of being in another place.

The luck that this 63 m² Swedish apartment has a rectangular floor plan and large windows at both ends of that rectangle mean that the entire house enjoys a lot of natural light, achieving that visual effect of more spaciousness, supported by a neutral decoration. and somewhat minimalist.

The truth is that we quite like the distribution, with the kitchen and bathroom being the first rooms that we find when entering.

We have already told you how in the Nordic countries, the kitchen has become the area in which visitors are received before the living room and this distribution allows the common areas to be kept from the private or rest areas better separated in the apartment. , is ideal for when visitors are received.

The house is modest and the decoration too, but that doesn’t stop it from being cozy and stylish, what do you think? Where do visitors spend time in your house? Here, as most kitchens are small, we are often resigned to having them in the dining room, right? is it your case?

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