Bir Land in Hangzhou – A Relaxing Commercial Scene for Micro-vacations

Project: Vanke Liangzhu Bir Land
Scene Design: Fun Connection
Bir Land Architectural Design: Zhejiang Qingmo Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Warehouse Architectural Design: Deshaus Architecture Design
Landscape Design: Change Studio
Interior Design: Hangzhou Pan Tianshou Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd.
Location: Liangzhu Cultural Village, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China
Area: 741,999 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by: Aqi

Bir Land in Hangzhou

Bir Land, located in Liangzhu cultural village, Hangzhou, is an artistic commercial complex designed for micro-vacations. As the final piece of the commercial puzzle, it not only meets the increasing daily consumption demands of the villagers, enhancing the attractiveness and convenience of the residential area, but also serves as a artistic destination with its own unique spirit.Continuously attracting visitors from the Yangtze River Delta with high-quality cultural, artistic, and design content, Bir Land appeals to a group of micro-vacationers who have long admired the lifestyle represented by Liangzhu.

Bir Land is a microcosm of the lifestyle in Liangzhu, serving as a stage for community, a platform for branding, and a habitat where spiritual ideals coexist with a relaxed lifestyle.

Atmosphere in Micro Vacation Commercial Scene

Fun Connection has employed a variety of design techniques to create a vibrant commercial atmosphere in Bir Land, gradually injecting more commercial ambiance and vitality into the suburban vacation setting at different levels.

Considering different business formats and commercial atmosphere of each area, comprehensive suggestions have been provided for exterior areas, including type of furniture, arrangement styles, and even materials and colors. By appropriately and strategically integrating outdoor seating into overall planning, the boundary between wild nature and artificial environment has been eliminated, providing more opportunities for people to meet and get closer to nature in a leisurely atmosphere.

The ‘birds’ perched on the trees will light up along with the streetlights as night falls. At this moment, the small nest-like lights on the trees sway gracefully, while the lights in the landscaped lawn create a cute and lovely atmosphere. The warm and coordinated lighting at different locations adds a touch of lively ambiance to Bir Land during nighttime.

Conductor behind the non-standard business

Bir Land has introduced nearly a hundred brands, creating a distinctive commercial project through non-standard customization. These brands cover diverse formats, including those that evoke memories of the villagers, promote vibrant social interactions, offer artistic experiences, and cater to a high-quality lifestyle. They not only cater to the artistic clientele who enjoy their vacation in Bir Land, but also creates hustle and bustle with numerous brands enriching local community’s way of life.

Traditional brand visual expression merely focused on storefront sign. How to strike a balance between the diverse brands identity and the context of Bir Land? Fun Connection acts as an invisible hand, orchestrating and coordinating the facade designs of different brands in Bir Land.

Fun Connection breaks down the dimensions of facade commercial design into smaller components. All the stores has been micromanaged, from typography design for storefront sign to materials, colors, installations, lighting, and even providing suggestions for facade materials, visual design, and furnishing for both indoor and outdoor spaces. A truly symbiotic relationship between nature and art in the everyday life of Liangzhu is built by focusing on the details.

Branded Spatial Visual Presentation

The logo of Bir Land is derived from the “Jade Bird”, a cultural relic discovered from the Liangzhu archaeological site. It is composed of four simple and flat circular patterns, forming an abstract representation of the “Jade Bird.” The core of the brand has been reinforced by applying logo to singage, urban furniture and atmospheric ornaments all around the streets.

Later, the logo will serve as the creative theme for the plaza and park in the core area. Significant symbols that shape the collective memory of the community will be created by extracting its design language and adopting different materials.

Fun Connection further extends the logo in various ways. This includes transforming the flat form into a gradient 3D form or using color blocks as carriers to create different visual styles. Thus, the brand material for different areas, seasons, and mediums finally get done through reinterpreting the interestingness of the cultural symbols within the existing visual framework.

By infusing grand artistic and cultural elements into everyday visual symbols, branding seeks to promote in a non-traditional and indirect manner. In Bir Land, architecture, landscapes, spaces, visuals, installations, lighting, all become mediums of artistic expression, constituting an essential part of the brand. With its pleasant natural scenery and relaxing atmosphere, Bir Land offers a healing experience for everyone who is weary and stressed out.

-Project description and images provided by ZZ Media


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