Beautiful Models Of Straw Rugs

Have you ever thought about using a straw rug in your home? This was one of the best options for those who want to bring beauty, comfort and style to their home.

Although the straw rug is very associated with beach decorations, it also stands out as one of the most popular additions to boho and rustic style decorations.

Straw Carpet: From East to West

Here in Brazil we are used to associating the straw carpet with coastal environments. But it wasn’t always like that.

The straw carpet originally comes from Japan and was first known as tatami.

This type of carpet, which is also widespread in Buddhist temples, was originally made from a reed mat in a rectangular shape and filled with rice straw.

Nowadays, however, the straw carpet has received numerous new versions, made with different types of natural straw such as cattails, or even synthetic straw, which can be handmade or made on a large scale.

The function of the straw mat has also changed over time. Previously used for practising martial arts, meditation and as a seat aid during meals, today the straw rug is destined to fill decorative spaces with charm and beauty, regardless of function.

One carpet, many styles

The straw carpet, as you already know, suits not only coastal decorations. This type of rug can be incorporated into a variety of decorating styles.

It all depends on how you arrange the other elements and especially the colours next to them.

For starters, we couldn’t help but mention that the straw rug looks gorgeous in oriental decorations. In this case, low, almost floor-level furniture, bamboo and neutral colours complete the scene.

If you prefer modern furnishings to a minimalist style, you can opt for additional comfort with the straw carpet and break up the monochrome of the surroundings a little.

The more eccentric prefer the boho aesthetic, which invests in earthy colours and natural elements in the company of the straw carpet.

There is also space for the classics next to the straw carpet. In this case, the tip is to combine the piece with neutral and light colours such as white and off-white tones and noble materials such as wood.

Now how about getting inspired by the following awesome straw rug ideas? Come and see!








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