Beautiful Inspirations for Having TV in the Bedroom

Nothing like ending the day watching a movie or a series in the comfort of your bed, right? For this, the TV in the bedroom is indispensable.

But how to insert the device in the room without destroying the decoration and still in a way that does not harm your vision, spine and neck?

How tall is the TV in the bedroom?

There is no standard height measurement for installing the TV in the bedroom. Everything will depend on the height of the residents and how you prefer to watch.

Those who watch TV lying down, for example, should position it at a lower height so as not to strain the neck. If you watch TV sitting down, position it slightly higher.

As a rule, it is recommended to position the TV about 1.20 to 1.40 meters from the floor. 

To be sure of the height, sit on the bed and draw a line between the height of your eyes and the point where the TV should be positioned.

What is the best wall to position the TV in the bedroom?

The best wall to install the TV in the bedroom is the one facing the bed, so you don’t have to crane your neck to watch it. 

However, notice if the wall receives light during the day. In this case, consider moving the bed so that the wall does not receive the reflections of light and, consequently, interfere with the view of the TV.

How many inches should the bedroom TV be?

The bedroom should be a place of rest and comfort, so the choice of TV should be well thought out.

A TV that is too big in a small room is straining the eyes and strains the eyes, in the same way, that a big room with a small TV is not advisable either.

Ideally, the TV for a small bedroom is a maximum of 32 inches, while a larger bedroom can accommodate a TV up to 43 inches.

Check out our TV ideas in the bedroom and get inspired to install the device in your home:








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