Beautiful Ideas of Living Room Chairs That Will Beautify Your Home


The living room is always reinventing itself. But some elements never leave the scene, such as the living room chair

Chairs are a great ally of decoration and also work as an extra seating option. However, with increasingly smaller houses and apartments, chairs have come to play a key role in the functionality and design of environments. 

And for you to have no more doubts about how to use living room chairs, we prepared this complete post and, on top of that, we also brought several ideas to inspire you.

How to choose a living room chair

Colours and prints

The living room chair doesn’t need to match the sofa, okay? They can have different colours and textures and still be harmonious with each other. 

To do this, pay close attention to the colour palette of the environment. If the sofa is neutral and smooth, the chair can be printed and coloured. The opposite is also valid. Another tip is to combine the colours according to the style you want to give to the environment. 

If you want something more modern, invest in a chair in a contrasting colour to the sofa, also known as a complementary colour. Want an example? Green sofa with a pink chair. 

But if the intention is to create a more elegant and sophisticated environment, analogous colours, that is, those that have low contrast between themselves, are the most suitable. This is the case, for example, of a brown sofa with a mustard yellow chair. 

Part dimension

The dimension of the chair is another super important point that you need to pay attention to. The chair cannot interfere with the functionality of the environment. Therefore, the smaller the room, the “leaner” the chair should be. 

Prefer models without arms and with little padding. Hollow and transparent materials are also a good choice. With a little more space, you can bet on bulkier versions, in the armchair style. 


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