Tips for choosing the Ideal Armchair for a small living room

Who said a small room can’t have an armchair? Not only can but must.

Finally, for the small living room, the armchair brings more comfort and functionality to the environment and even serves as an additional seat.

How to choose an armchair for a small living room

Choosing the right armchair for a small room is not difficult, but it requires paying attention to a few points.

To avoid mistakes, we list them below. Just take a look:

Pay attention to armrests and backrests

When choosing an armchair for a small room, pay attention to the type of backrest, and without it armrests.

In a small room, these details can turn out to be very inconvenient. The arm, for example, occupies real space in the environment and occupies an area that could be used for circulation.

On the other hand, the backrest can create the impression of a cramped space, as it visually occupies more space.

Feet in

Another detail that can be overlooked is the chair legs.

In a small space, it’s ideal if the feet are on the inside of the furniture, rather than sticking out or in that traditional four-legged style.

It may seem small, but the space occupied by feet can impede passage and cause discomfort.

Avoid bulky pads

Do you know those super chunky armchairs? So run away from them! They require more space to be used and are not a sign of greater comfort.

Evidence of this is the Acapulco armchair which, despite being produced without padding, is much more comfortable than many foam-filled armchairs out there.

Another problem with bulky armchairs is that they visually take up space and make the surroundings appear smaller than they are.

Modern models are best suited

A good tip when choosing an armchair for a small living room is to choose one with a modern design. It’s because? Modern armchairs are of course cleaner because they have straight shapes and no embellishments.

They follow the maxim of modernist design “form follows function”, i.e. in this sense any element that is only used as “ornamental” is not necessary and therefore must be removed.

For this very reason, they are very suitable for small rooms, as they only bring the essentials into the design. Unlike, for example, the classic armchairs, which are far-fetched and full of details.

Evaluate what the use of the armchair will be

This point is fundamental: what will be the main purpose of the armchair? Choosing the right model inevitably includes this question. A reading chair must be more comfortable than one that is only used socially.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to have a recliner chair with a footrest. Just choose a comfortable model and use a stool to be better accommodated.

Even if the armchair is not used for this purpose, the pouffe can serve as an extra seat and you still have the option to tuck it away in any corner without taking up space.

The decorative style of the room

The decorative style of the room is always very important when choosing an armchair.

He is the one who will help you to define the colour, the fabric and, for example, whether the armchair should be printed or not. In general, whatever the style, light colors always favor small spaces.

If possible, opt for an armchair in light tones. However, if the whole room is already very light and neutral, you can use the armchair as a way to add a point of color and highlight the decor.

In this case, it is worth betting on a red, pink or maybe even orange armchair.

Just keep the chair

And if your living room is really small, consider the possibility of not having a sofa and only using the armchair. Yes, that’s right!

Many people have done this.

Depending on how you use the space, having just a few chic armchairs can be far more convenient and functional than having a white elephant parked in the middle of the room and just taking up space. Think about it!

How about now check out these armchair ideas for a small living room and be surprised by the countless possibilities? Follow:








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