Beautiful Contrast On The Exterior of This Sustainable Home

The one baptized as ‘ Casa Garoza’ is a house that is located in Muñogalindo, a municipality in the province of Ávila, in Spain. It is an industrialized prototype adjusted to the principles of sustainability and the needs and personality of its owners, designed by the prestigious architect Juan Herreros.

It’s secret and what makes it such a special project is the fact that it is designed so that it can grow modularly and experiment with extensions according to the needs of each moment. To achieve this, the prototype was manufactured in a workshop, which was later transported in five trucks to the municipality of Muñogalindo, where it was installed in a single day. There, only the last layer of the façade and the roof were placed ‘in situ’, ensuring that it was fully integrated into the landscape without damaging its spectacular surroundings, covered with large granite rocks.

The indoor and outdoor disparity

It is, clearly, a house with very marked contrasts where versatility prevails. Inside, we can see the more sustainable side with conglomerate wood materials as clear protagonists, generating a very natural atmosphere. On the outside, on the contrary, we observe an image of a container, enhancing this versatility that is even more accentuated with the environment.

Perfect symbiosis

Thanks to its magnificent location in the forest between granite rocks and holm oaks, the landscape is in charge of enhancing the house magically, making it fully integrated into the environment despite being completely different. As they point out from ‘The Sibarist’, this house would not be the same without the environment that surrounds it, and vice versa.

Perfect setting

Its spectacular 360º orientation in the rich natural environment, completely clear, together with its unique construction, make this the perfect and special home for all kinds of photographic reports and film shoots, which take place both day and night.

Iconic spaces

This is just one of the homes managed by ‘The Sibarist’, all of them being iconic spaces that convey the essence of authenticity. In this case, we find a natural elegance and uniqueness that provides a clearly unmatched style, which is why it has been the recipient of so many awards. It is a home that, thanks to its interior, can be fully customizable, being able to recreate the world you want to show at all times, with a unique staging adapted to each client.


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