Beautiful Black Cabin In The Swedish Mountains

The owners of this Swedish cottage next to a ski resort, surely enjoy these holidays and the surroundings. As you can see, it is a mini-mini cabin, it is a completely open space of 20 mΒ² with an annex of 7 mΒ² where the bedroom is.


Inside, as there is enough height, they have built a loft that can serve as a living room, playground, bedroom, etc.Β As it is well lit and diaphanous, it has many possibilities. It is a perfect home to enjoy skiing during the day and have a shelter at the end of the day, in which to get warm, rest and regain strength.

That is why the decoration is basic and with the essential, as well as the space of the house, enough to spend the nights and an excellent alternative to a hotel room. We know that the exterior color of these Nordic wooden houses in black, still attracts a lot of attention, but as you can see in the photos of the area, almost all of them are like that.Β What makes you want to escape to ski to Sweden?


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