Bathroom Accessories You Must Have!

A beautiful, comfortable and functional bathroom has, necessarily, some essential items, also known as bathroom accessories. These accessories have a very important function in the bathroom: organizing and facilitating the daily life, besides, of course, complementing the decoration.

And if you’re in doubt about what these accessories are, don’t worry. We have gathered in this post the main bathroom accessories and tips on how you can use them. Check out:

Most used materials for bathroom

Before even choosing which accessories to take into your bathroom, it is important to define the material they were manufactured. mateThat’s because the materials used say a lot about the aesthetics and style of your bathroom.

A good example is wood. Accessories in this material bring comfort, warmth and a certain degree of rusticity. Glass accessories, on the other hand, are elegant, clean and modern, combined with decorative proposals that follow the same line.

So, start your list by making this choice.

1. Niches and Shelves

The niches and shelves are fundamental pieces in the composition of the bathroom. Together, they help organize everyday hygiene items, making them easy to access. Another advantage of niches and shelves is price. In general, these pieces are cheap and affordable, not to mention the wide variety of colors and materials they are made from.

2. Handles

The handles are a small detail in the composition of the bathroom, but believe me, they make a difference.

Used to trigger the opening of cabinet doors and box doors, the handles are usually included in furniture and doors, but you can change them if you prefer. There are several models available to choose from and replace.

3. Towel rack

Where to put the bath towels? On the towel rack, of course. This other accessory is essential in any bathroom, contributing to organization and decoration. The most traditional towel racks are made of metal or stainless steel, but it is possible to find versions in iron, wood and even glass. You can still opt for large models recommended for bath towels or small models used for face towels.

There are also towel racks, suitable for hand towels.

4. Baskets

Baskets are very versatile, functional and decorative accessories. You can use them to put on dirty clothes, store toilet paper, store towels, organize makeup, among other things, depending on the size and shape of the basket. It is also worth mentioning that straw, crochet and macramé baskets are a strong trend in bathroom decoration, so here’s the tip.

5. Tray

The tray is another accessory that needs to be on your list. This simple piece helps keep your toiletries neat and stylish under the counter.

And the best part is the variety of materials the trays are made from. Wooden ones, for example, are great for rustic, boho and Scandinavian style bathrooms. Metal trays are beautiful in modern bathrooms, while glass are the face of elegant and sophisticated bathrooms.

6. Diffusers

Use room diffusers to decorate and perfume your bathroom. You can buy ready-made models or make them at home from empty perfume bottles or other cute little bottles.

7. Hangers

Hangers are another handy accessory. In it, you hang the clothes you have just taken off or the ones you intend to wear after showering. It can even be used to hang a towel, bathrobe or whatever else you need.

8. Stool

Believe me, having a wooden stool (or any other material) can be more useful than you think. It serves many things. One is to provide support for changing clothes or to support accessories on it. The stool can also be used at bath time to assist in aesthetic procedures, such as waxing, for example.

And if you have children at home, the stool is useful for the little ones to reach the sink.

9. Reinforcement in lighting

How about bringing an accessory capable of enhancing the bathroom’s lighting, making it more functional, like a makeup bench light, for example, or more cozy, like a candlelight near the bathtub?

Whatever the objective, lighting is always welcome and complements the proposal of any bathroom.

10. Bathroom accessory kit

The bathroom accessory kit closes the list with a golden key. This kit usually consists of a toothbrush holder, soap holder and liquid soap dispenser. In some kits, a tray may be included, where these accessories can be grouped.

Another item that usually makes up the kit are the multipurpose pots, that is, you can use them for whatever you want, but most of the time they are used to store cotton and cotton swabs. The accessory kit must be matched with the bathroom decor. If it’s modern, go for a neutral colored ceramic kit, for example. For a classic bathroom, glass kits are a good choice.

Bamboo bathroom kits are also popular and look great complementing boho-style bathroom decor. So, ready to start your own bathroom accessories list?


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