Baby Room Decorations You’ll Immediately Love

Pampering is never too much for the baby who is about to arrive. And when it comes to the bedroom, these doses of affection are revealed in every detail, in every decoration. That’s why the decorations for the nursery end up being so important. They help to characterize the decoration and make the environment even more beautiful, cozy, and with the face of the future resident. 

And to help you choose the best decorations for the nursery, we have selected below tips and ideas that will surely inspire you in this mission, come see.

Baby Room Decor Ideas

Light fixtures and lamp

Lamps and lamps are essential in the functionality of the baby’s room and also complement the decor in a very special way. You can choose from wall or desktop models, and choose the colors and theme you prefer.

Crib mobile

Mobiles are classic nursery decorations. There are several types to choose from, not to mention that you can make the mobile yourself with very simple and affordable materials. However, this is one of the decorations that will be in greater contact with the child, so pay attention to his safety.


The niches are used to display decorative objects, however, nowadays, these elements gained colors and shape so beautifully that they ended up becoming the decoration itself. 

Decorative frames

Frames are great options for decorating a baby’s room. They are playful, super varied, and cheap. 

Make a composition on the wall with three to four comics with the chosen theme. You can even bet on the use of photos. 

Hygiene kit

The hygiene kit is one of those baby room decorations that fall into the utility category.

That’s because they make life easier for parents, as they keep everything organized when changing diapers, with the bonus of being super decorative. 

Bed linen

Bed linen can also be included in the baby room decorations list. They can and should match the decor and be one of the highlights of the environment. 


The rug helps to keep the room comfortable and cozy, in addition to being a beautiful addition to the decor. 

There are several models to choose from and decorate your baby’s room.

Wall stickers

Are the walls empty? So bet on the use of wall stickers. They decorate with a lot of charm and cuteness, in addition to being an easy option to apply.


You can’t think of an ornament for a nursery without remembering the toys. They are the ones who will guarantee the playful and magical effect on the children’s room. 


Books are also great decorations for the nursery. Most of them have covers that are real works of art. 

Take the opportunity to leave them in a prominent place and very accessible, after all, they will be much in demand when it comes to rocking your baby’s sleep.


A lot of people end up forgetting about mirrors but know that they can indeed be part of the baby’s room decor. Take care in choosing the frame.

Door ornament

Door decorations are super traditional in the nursery. You can choose one that has the theme of the room or the child’s name.


Did you know that you can exchange conventional furniture knobs for more playful and colorful models? Make this replacement and see how amazing the result is.

Wall hooks

Wall hooks, also known as coat hangers, are great to help with organization and, to top it off, still, decorate the room. There are models in different colors and formats.

Baskets and boxes

Baskets and boxes can also be used as nursery decorations. Nowadays, some very fun models complement the bedroom decor with a lot of charm.

Check out the following 9 ideas for decor for the nursery below and get inspired:











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