Aspects To Take Into Account To Make A Bedroom Cleaning

In summer we have more free time and in addition to enjoying the best moments of the holidays, we also usually take advantage of some moments to do general cleaning. Today we focus on cleaning the bedroom, without forgetting anything so that it is pristine and like new. Before cleaning, the order is essential, because it helps to maximize the feeling of clean and because it makes the task of actually cleaning easier. It should be remembered that less is more and that when we clean we find ourselves at the perfect time to throw away everything that we really do not need, but we will still have things to store.

  • Much has been said about ventilation this year, about hygiene and safety measures in the pandemic, but in reality, ventilating is always important and pleasant, a room with a fresh environment and renewed air is infinitely better than one that has remained closed for a long time.
  • The mattress is one of the key elements in the bedroom, perhaps the most important, it should be renewed every 10 years and in the meantime, following the manufacturer’s instructions, turn it over depending on the season if applicable and wash and renew its cover with frequency.
  • Bedding, cushions, and pillows are always washable, or have washable covers, in the washing machine with the appropriate program depending on the type of fabric we can wash them frequently without a problem. We can also renew the bedding quite frequently, in times of sales we find the ideal opportunity to get them of good quality and at affordable prices. 
  • Depending on how our bed is, it can be uncomfortable, but if we do a thorough cleaning we must also clean under it. No matter how low it is, dirt can always accumulate over time.
  • Carpet cleaning, depending on its material and size, can become complex: shake, vacuum and clean with specific products … And, if we want to avoid so much work, we always have the option of hiring a specialized company that collects them, take them to you and return them to us clean and like new.
  • The curtains are much easier to clean, in the washing machine with a suitable program, hanging them directly when removing them, they will dry already on and they will be perfect.
  • While the curtains are in the washing machine we have the perfect time to clean the windows, there are already some robots for this task, but their use is not as widespread as in the case of floor robots. 
  • We should not forget either the lamps, especially the ceiling onesSince we have taken a stool or a ladder to lower and hang the windows, we can take the opportunity to wipe the main lamp in the bedroom with a damp cloth and leave it as new.
  • The pictures are also usually among the great forgotten, they hide well, the dirt is hardly visible but it accumulates especially in the upper frame and also on the surface. Again in a simple damp cloth, we have the perfect solution.
  • In the case of switches, and more in times of pandemic, it is better to use a disinfectant and clean frequently. They are, together with knobs and handles, among the elements that we touch the most and not always with hands as clean as would be desirable…
  • The door, depending on its shape, will accumulate more or less dust, but at least the top and the handle must be cleaned from time to time, as in the case of the switches, frequently.
  • The wardrobe deserves special mention, many times just ordering it and cleaning it thoroughly can take up a whole day. If we take out all the clothes to make a review of the one we want to keep, we clean, reorganize and put everything back, we will need a few hours to do it. 
  • And we finish with the side tables and other auxiliary furnitureIn a thorough cleaning, we cannot limit ourselves only to its visible surfaces, it is necessary to move this furniture to clean the hidden corners well and, as in the case of the cupboard, empty, rearrange and clean inside before refilling. 

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