Anti-Stress Colors That Make Your Home The Calmest Place to Be

These colors will make anxiety prohibited from entering, favoring a relaxing and zen decoration, which will help you see your home (and your life) differently. Shall we take the brush? 

See life in blue summer, yellow sun, and beach… We usually associate colors with our moods. Chromotherapy paints us a fabulous world, where certain shades or entire ranges are capable not only of transforming interior decoration but also ourselves. For this reason, always, but in these difficult times of teleworking, confinement, and fears for even more reasons, we need a ‘safe’ atmosphere where we can rest, recover and recharge our batteries. One point, although we avoid bright colors and those that cause anxiety, not everything has to be clear and neutral, some intense tones full of personality are also worth it. 

Indigo Blue

Seek support (emotional and decorative) from soft, calming shades, which don’t necessarily have to be light shades. Indigo blue is also an option for a calm and balanced home. Dark but not marine, this personal color with character has a special ability: combining with more colors than you think. With yellow, white, beige, or gray, they will fill your three favorite rooms with calm and personality: the bedroom, the living room, and the dining room.


Mix brown-brown, copper, and yellow, and here we have other. A very autumnal color, which brings warmth and welcomes you with open arms, so you will be looking forward to getting home. Although it fits perfectly into our interiors, it is better not to go overboard and look for good companions: white or light furniturenatural fabrics, and abundant light.


Mauve, lilac lavender … they have the gift of relaxing your mind without even realizing it. Besides, purple has been one of the protagonists of fashion this summer and it seems that it has a rope for a while. We like it in pastel, although if it is too daring for you, add small touches to accessories such as cushions, vases, or flower pots.


wild color, which can not be missing in current interior decoration. And we do not only mean the clearing, they are also charcoal, for example, as long as it is used in moderation on a sofa or one of the walls of the living room, for example. Sober, elegant, relaxing, and calming, it is as versatile as it is timeless. One of our favorites and a Nordic-style staple.


Synonymous with softness and tranquility, beige is a must in current decoration and has everything to be the protagonist also in 2021. Essential for a cozy or hygge atmosphere, it is easy to integrate into any style, always providing that natural touch, full of serenity. We see it in fabrics, rugs, and bedding.


It is the color. Provides freshness, shine, and ‘cleanliness’. However, it can be somewhat cold or soulless, so it is convenient to reinforce it with a home decoration, which gives it extra warmth, such as loving fabrics or a blanket on the sofa. Do not hesitate to add to the list of anti-stress colors, its off-white version: as elegant as it is attractive.


Light or dark, mint, apple or pastel water in monochromatic shades, we never get tired of green! However, you should be careful with intense tones and use them in moderation because so much nature can overwhelm us and cause us the opposite effect: some anxiety. With reminiscences of nature, this color you can recharge your batteries in the blink of an eye. If you come home stressed or you can’t go out as much as you want, nothing better than surrounding yourself with the color that links you to the outdoors and the greenery of the plants.

Sky Blue

If the blue family is one of the most relaxing, light is one of the quintessential anti-stress colors, which no one disputes its ability to make you daydream. It only has one ‘but’ and that is to be necessarily well accompanied, so as not to be too bland and cold. Use it in the double bedroom, the bathroom, the hall, and a corridor, but do not fall into the ‘easy’ temptation to paint the children’s room with it: it is not carried away.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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