An Incredible Cabin To Spend The Winter Wrapped in Plain Blankets

Having a house with views of the Pyrenees and not enjoying them? Here windows were opened, it was painted white and wood was preserved to turn this house into what it deserved.

A spectacular change

It was the typical mountain house, wasted and somewhat ugly, but the worst thing was that it had few and small windows, so the intervention, above all, consisted of opening windows where possible, in addition to a new distribution.

Cozier, impossible!

The architects worked hand in hand with the decorator Carolina Juanes, who has not only dressed the house but has also designed various pieces of furniture, such as the sofas in the living room. What they did was have the plans quite defined and coordinate the project from there, understanding each other perfectly!

Thought to the millimeter

As it was not too big, it was necessary to make several custom pieces of furniture, such as the spectacular bookcase in the living room. They incorporated the woodshed and a piece of furniture around the original stone fireplace to make it more modern, with the closet on the right and the TV on the left.

An endearing Tetris

Everything is thought out to the millimeter because even though it may seem large, the house does not exceed 100 square meters spread over four floors! In the image, you can see how the kitchen and the living room communicate with the staircase.

A kitchen that blends into the living room

The living room is as collected and practical as the kitchen, made of natural oak, which pretends to pass itself off as living room furniture. It has a natural, simple, and handleless style, which enhances that fusion with the rest of the plant.

Respect and light

They kept a few elements, such as the beams, which “are made of spruce wood stained in dark walnut, the same color that was in the whole house before the renovation”, explains the architect. The objective? Fill the space with light. And they succeeded!

Under the stars

The beds are arranged in a row to take advantage of the space and were placed under the loft windows so that you can enjoy the stars while lying down.

A simple and cozy bathroom

The bathroom floor is made of hydraulic tiles to match the black shower tray. The tiles are subway type with gloss, a current option that enhances the light, an effect that is increased with the screen, with a fine stainless steel upper profile.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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