Amazing Ideas Of Decorated Dining Rooms

Table, chairs, buffet, lamps… when it comes to a decorated dining room, many elements are included in the list. But do you know how to choose each of them? We’ll tell you next. Come and see.

Dining room decorated: what can’t be missed

Dining table

The dining table is the protagonist of the environment, the main star. That’s why it’s always nice to start planning the decoration from there. 

For a small dining room, the tip is to invest in round tables with up to four seats that optimize space. A rectangular room, on the other hand, asks for a table in the same format. The square dining table, however, is only suitable for large spaces, as it occupies a larger area. Give preference to tables made of strong and durable materials, such as solid wood, tempered glass, marble, or iron. 


Forget that idea of ​​forming a set between the dining table, the chairs, and even the buffet. Nowadays, the cool thing is to mix everything and create an original and personalized decoration. To create a bold decor, it is worth investing in different design chairs.

Buffet or sideboard

The buffet and sideboard are not essential furniture in a dining room, but they do make a difference, especially if the table is small. That’s because this type of furniture can serve very well as a service station, where the meal is served. 

Buffets still have a greater advantage as they can be used to store different types of dishes, as well as items that help to set the table, such as plates, sous plat, and napkins.

Light fixture

Dining room lighting is extremely important. In addition to being a functional item, lighting helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the environment. 

Install spotlights on the ceiling and an amazing lamp over the dining table. Remember that the luminaire must be positioned at least 70 cm high from the tabletop so that it does not disturb or obscure the view of those who are seated. If the table is large, the ideal is to install more than one lamp to ensure that the entire piece of furniture will be lit. 

The size of the luminaires is also important. They need to be proportional to the size of the table. In general, the diameter of the lamp should be 1/3 of the table. In other words, a table measuring 120 cm is proportional to a lamp measuring 40 cm in diameter. For the lights, choose the yellow ones that are warm and cozy.

Integrated living and dining room: how to decorate

Nowadays nothing is more common than integrated living and dining rooms. But when it comes to decorating, there is always a question of whether they should follow the same style or not. 

Integrated environments don’t have to look the same. You can, for example, use one color palette in the living room and use another one in the dining room. The same goes for furniture. However, it is important to maintain a balance between the proposals, avoiding extremes, such as using heavy solid wood furniture in the dining room and furniture with glass accents in the living room. 

If you choose a palette of different colors, make them harmonize with each other, that is, complement each other. In this case, it is interesting that the furniture has the same design. Colors also help to sectorize and demarcate each space, so don’t be afraid to make that distinction.

Check out these decorating dining room ideas now and get inspired:












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