Amazing And Inspirational Ideas Of Luxurious Closets For Your Bedroom

Suffice it to mention a luxurious closet that immediately comes to mind those immense rooms with clothes and shoes as far as the eye can see, displayed with such refinement that they still seem to be in a store window.

But you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to have a luxurious closet in your house or apartment. In today’s post, we will tell you how to have a luxurious closet even in a few square meters, follow along.

What is a closet?

A closet is nothing more than a room in the house, attached to the bedroom, where you can store and organize clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, and other beauty and personal care products.

This space is big enough for a person to walk in and get comfortable.

Features of a luxury closet

What makes a closet luxurious? This touch of luxury and glamor can be seen in the small details that make up the closet, differentiating it from other models. First, the luxury closet is usually a little bigger than the common models. This extra space allows clothes, shoes, and accessories to be displayed more prominently as if they were in a store.

Lighting is another highlight of the luxurious closet. A good lighting project helps both when getting ready and to highlight and enhancing the garments. Other elements that make up the decoration of the space are also important to maintain that air of luxury and refinement.

This is the case, for example, of noble fabrics, such as velvet, or materials with a superior finish, such as marble, solid wood, and shiny metallic surfaces. Glass has been a recurring bet in modern luxury closets.

Modern or classic?

The luxurious closet usually has two predominant decorative styles: classic and modern. In the classic style, it is common to use light-colored and framed joinery. On the wall, boiseries stand out, while the floor is almost always wooden. It is also common in this type of luxurious closet to use crystal chandeliers, recamiers, and Venetian-style mirrors.

The modern luxury closet is usually designed with glass walls, especially the smoked ones. The joinery is usually made of high-quality MDF and the decoration brings modern poufs, rugs, and mirrors to complete the comfort and functionality of the environment.

How about now check out these types of luxurious closets to get inspired and have one too? Come and see!












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