All The Tips You Need To Know About Having A Small Gourmet Space

It is not for lack of space that you will not receive visitors, socialize and have fun. That’s what the small gourmet space exists for. This reduced version of traditional gourmet spaces came precisely to serve people who, like you, have little available space at home (or in the apartment).

And in this post here you will discover ideas for a small gourmet space, as well as many tips on how to set up and decorate one of these at home. Come check it out.

Decor for a small gourmet space

Define a style

It is very common for the gourmet space to end up with more rustic and simple decor, after all, this is a relaxing environment. But you don’t need to be limited to this style, especially if it doesn’t suit your taste. There are other ways to decorate your small gourmet space. You can opt, for example, for a more modern decoration or even an elegant and sophisticated decoration.

Regardless of what style you intend to use in decorating your small gourmet space, it is important to define a way forward.

Choose a color palette

Based on the style of the decor of the small gourmet space, choose a color palette. Decor with a rustic touch always combines with earthy tones and colors that refer to nature, such as brown, orange, and green.

For modern decor, sober neutral tones such as white, gray, and black are great options. To break the monotony, invest in one or two contrasting colors like blue or yellow. But if the intention is to create a small and sophisticated gourmet space, soft neutral tones, such as Off White mixed with more intense colors, such as dark blue and woody, are excellent options.

Look at the materials


The gourmet space can be either outdoors, closed, or covered. In the first case, you must choose weather-resistant materials, such as rain, wind, and sunlight. Wood, for example, can even be used, but it needs special treatment and frequent maintenance. Already elements in aluminum and plastic seldom require maintenance. The same goes for ceramic or porcelain floors that are highly resistant, durable, easy to clean, and can be used outdoors with peace of mind.

Just avoid those that can be slippery, such as granite and marble. In the areas of barbecue and oven, the idea is to use heat-resistant materials that are easy to clean, such as porcelain or granite. For the countertop, natural stones are also a good option. If you use fabric items, such as pillows and upholstery, prefer waterproof versions.

Choose the right furniture

Small gourmet space needs to be planned to be beautiful and functional, remember that? Much of this functionality concerns furniture. Examine the size of your space and see if it’s more interesting, for example, to have a bench rather than a table. The same goes for benches and stools instead of chairs.

Decorative furniture such as side tables, coffee tables, or support tables should be avoided. Prefer to use niches and shelves to organize objects and to display decorative pieces.

Attention to home appliances

After paying attention to the furniture, it’s time to think about the appliances. The small gourmet space doesn’t have to be a full kitchen, with all kinds of appliances and accessories, but the place must have a minimum of utensils so that it can be independent of the kitchen.

A good example is betting on the use of a fridge for drinks, instead of a fridge. A cooktop can easily be used in place of the stove. The electric grill can be used as a barbecue if you don’t have space for it.

Light and heat

The highlight of the decoration of the small gourmet space is the lighting. It guarantees the functionality of the place at night, but also allows people to feel much more cozy and welcome. Yellow lights are preferred because they “warm-up” the room. You can use side spots in conjunction with a central light fixture. Also, it’s worth adding extra points of light, such as a floor lamp or pendants on the countertop.

But if you want to guarantee that grand finale, put a clothesline of lamps in the gourmet space or complement the lighting with lanterns. It is also worth spreading candles around the environment.

Here are 9 small gourmet space decor ideas to inspire your project. Check out:











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