Advantages Of Having Canopy In Your Home

How about having a bedroom worthy of a king and queen? And you don’t even have to live in a castle for that! Just invest in a canopy. So it is! This structure that accompanies beds since ancient times has come to be used today as a way to innovate and ennoble decoration. Find out more about the canopy in today’s post and find out how to insert it in your room.

What is a canopy?

The canopy, also known as a curtain, is a structure, usually made of wood and fabric, that surrounds the entire bed. Used since the time of the Persians, centuries and centuries ago, the canopy had, until then, a very important function: to protect against the cold, insects, and poisonous animals.

In the medieval era, kings and queens started to use the canopy bed as a way to gain privacy, at a time when shared rooms were a reality. It was only recently that the canopy started to have a more decorative function than a functional one. Nowadays it is synonymous with refinement, class, style and, of course, a lot of romanticism.

In nurseries, however, the canopy continues to play an important role in protecting against insects, especially since the use of insecticides and repellents is prohibited in children under six months.

Canopy Advantages


Despite being an element of classical origin, the canopy manages to transit very well with other decorative styles, especially the rustic one. And as surprising as it may be, the modern style has also adapted to the canopy. However, for this type of decoration, it is important to have a clean structure, with straight lines and few ornaments.

Shoo insects

You already know, but it costs nothing to reinforce: the canopy is perfect to scare away flies, mosquitoes, and other insects and venomous animals, many even dangerous, such as spiders and scorpions.


In shared rooms, like siblings, for example, the canopy helps bring privacy to the sleeping place. In addition to privacy, the canopy also guarantees a warm and cozy touch for those who use it.

Thermal protection

If you live in regions where winter is harsh, then you can take advantage of the canopy to ensure thermal protection against low temperatures.

See below for more than 9 canopy bed ideas in the most different projects.











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