Advantages Of Having An Oval Table In Your Dining Room

Want to add a touch of sophistication and originality to your dining room? Then invest in an oval table.

Advantages of the oval table

Takes up less space

The oval table is perfect for optimizing spaces. This is because its elongated shape favors the feeling of visual amplitude.  The vast majority of oval tables have a single foot or central base. This small detail also favors the gain of space and allows people to sit better around the table.

Works in any environment

The oval table is a mixture of round and rectangular shapes. This combination of shapes makes it adapt well to different space configurations, from a rectangular environment to squares.  However, the oval table ends up being more recommended for medium to large dining rooms. Very small rooms should opt for round or rectangular tables.

Design and personality

The oval table is not very common in interior projects and this is a good thing since the decoration ends up gaining airs of originality and personality.  Another advantage is that the oval tables usually present a much more bold and modern design, as is the case with the Saarinen table, world-famous.

Variety of models

The oval table is super democratic and manages to meet the most varied tastes and styles.  If you want a wooden one, if you prefer glass, you have it too. Not to mention the options in lacquer, MDF, metal, and stone. In addition to the top, you also have the option to choose the type of base that best matches your project.

Check below 10 inspirations of an oval table to fill your home with a lot of style, elegance, and personality:












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