Advantages Of Having a Glass Pergola And Tons Of Inspiration

Have you ever thought about having a glass ceiling in your home? Because that is the proposal of the glass pergola. This structure, which is traditionally made of wood, has been covered with glass for some time now, making it more modern and functional.

Come find out more about the glass pergola in this post, follow it.

Advantages of the glass pergola 

Modernity and elegance

The pergola has always been a structure known for its rusticity, but the glass roof ended up transforming the aesthetics of this structure, adding modernity and elegance. With that, the pergola is no longer just a structure for external use, it starts to integrate the internal areas as well.

Natural light

One of the biggest advantages of the glass pergola is the possibility of increasing the incidence of natural light in the environment. Therefore, it ends up being a great option for indoor environments that need natural lighting reinforcement, such as bathrooms, corridors, among other spaces.

Better use of external areas

Unlike the traditional pergola, where part of the roof is hollow, the glass model allows for total coverage, contributing to better use of the external area. In other words, with the glass pergola, you can continue in the garden or another outdoor area without fear of rain. The pergola also protects against UV rays depending on the type of glass you choose.

Where to use the glass pergola

The glass pergola is very versatile, as you may have noticed. This structure can be used in different ways in different spaces.

In outdoor areas, for example, the glass pergola can be installed over garages, gourmet spaces, balconies, gardens, terraces, swimming pools, and barbecues. In the internal areas, the glass pergola is very welcome in environments such as the entrance hall, winter gardens, kitchens, bathrooms, and corridors that integrate internal and external environments.

Caring for the glass pergola

There are some important precautions to ensure that your glass pergola always remains beautiful, resistant, and durable. See the following tips:

  • In places where access for cleaning the pergola is more difficult, the tip is to opt for self-cleaning glass. This type of glass has an interesting characteristic of repelling dust particles, making just the wind and rain enough to keep the pergola clean.
  • Be careful where the glass pergola will be installed. Preferably, avoid installation in places that may suffer from knocks, falling branches, or other materials.
  • The glass pergola allows the cultivation of plants, as in other types of the pergola. Prefer those with a pendant effect that better fit the structure of the pergola.
  • Periodically, it is important to carry out maintenance on the pergola structure, evaluating the condition of the pillars and roof fittings. If the structure of the pergola is made of wood, check regularly for the presence of termites, which can quickly wear out the pillars and cause serious accidents, such as the fall of the structure. Also, beware of excess moisture that can damage and oxidize the structure.
  • For maintenance cleaning of the glass pergola, use only neutral detergent and a broom with soft bristles. Prefer cleaning on less sunny days to avoid stains on the glass surface.

Now, let’s check out the following ideas for projects that involve a pergola glass and get inspired:











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