Adding Value to Your Home: A Step-by-Step Guide (Infographic)

Most people who own property are interested in learning how to increase the value of their home. This helps to ensure you’ve made a wise investment that eventually pays off. To guarantee that the property remains competitive and quickly sells once it’s listed on the market, it’s important to make upgrades to maintain its overall appeal. For homeowners who want to add value, there are a few important steps to take to make a profit off of the space.

Remodel the Kitchen and Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms of the home are the most used spaces on the property. It’s important to update the style and design of the different spaces to ensure that they appear contemporary to potential buyers. Consider adding new flooring, installing new fixtures, and upgrading the cabinets with a sleek design that is modern.


Build a Swimming Pool

For homes that are located in the country, outside pools are a feature that stand out to potential buyers and can make it easier to sell. The addition will enhance the functionality of the backyard while also increasing the overall value of the home for an extra way to enjoy the property.


Opt for a Loft Conversion

According to The Telegraph, a loft conversion is one of the most practical ways to add to your property’s value. Making use of space that may currently be used for storage can increase your home’s worth by up to £40,000. This allows you to add an extra bedroom or bathroom to the home without having to expand the home and break ground.

There should be enough room to stand up in the loft, with the floor joints strengthened to ensure that the area is safe functional. You’ll also need to add extra insulation and make minor home improvement adjustments to keep the space comfortable, which can be seen on this home improvement infographic shared by Clydesdale Bank.

Turn the Garage into a Bedroom

The garage is one of the most unused spaces of homes in the UK and is not in demand for those who are looking to purchase real estate. Increase the appeal of your home by converting the garage into an extra bedroom that can be used for larger families. This will immediately add extra square footage to the property and will cost an average of £10,000 to complete.


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