Achieve To Have A Minimalist Bathroom

The bathroom is dedicated to care and well-being. It is therefore the ideal room to create a minimalist atmosphere, where the mind is free to wander!

For the development of this project, the design agency has chosen to imagine a refined and delicately feminine atmosphere, while playing on the effects of materials.

n the wall, we discover slightly pearly zellij tiles, perfect for creating plays of light. On the ground, a honeycomb mosaic. All in white tones.

On the side of the basin, a dark wood cabinet brings contrast to the rest of the immaculate room. The only extravagance: a few Japanese-inspired tree branches sit enthroned in a vase.

Good decor ideas to remember for a minimalist bathroom:

  • The bouquet of Eucalyptus, which must come to embalm the room after releasing of the vapors from the shower;
  • The wall lights which frame the mirror, which seem to be mottled;
  • The washbasin with contemporary lines;
  • The fittings of brass aged for more cachet!






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