A Sophisticated Chalet in Chocolate And Gold Tones

The house is distributed over two floors and a basement, in addition to having a large garden with a swimming pool, a barbecue module, and an outdoor dining area. Inside, the use of natural light has been one of the pillars of the project, which has allowed the use of a range of dark colors such as black or chocolate brown, the protagonist of the project and which combines with beige and raw tones. Serenity and harmony are breathed in every corner, marked by details in gold or every one of the rooms.

Lounge with golden details

The living room is located on the ground floor, where the light enters into a generous and calm way through the curtains. The room is dominated by a large L-shaped Baxter sofa, upholstered in leather, and an immense rectangular rug in ecru and golden yellow. The wall, in white, breaks its monotony with a black longitudinal niche placed at mid-height with an automated ethanol fireplace that helps to divide and widen the space even more, visually.

The living room also has a reading corner, consisting of an iconic Eames armchair in ash and black horn with a delicate Mantis lamp, designed by Bernard Schottlander in 1951. Likewise, in the room there is an audiovisual pillar custom designed by the studio, which is in charge of housing all the elements and their wiring, minimizing the visual impact.

Dining room

A pillar with Arabic borders opens the way to the dining room and a spacious kitchen that is isolated by sliding glass doors.

In both rooms, marble takes on special importance: in the dining room, the round white marble table presides over the space, accompanied by chairs upholstered in blue velvet with golden legs. The hanging lamp is reminiscent of a cherry tree and adds a floral look to the sophisticated and elegant environment.


In the kitchen, marble, this time in emperor brown, elegantly covers the exterior wall cladding and a large island that serves both as a bar and as a workspace, where the stove is located. Discreetly integrated into the island is a built-in ceiling hood.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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