A Relaxing And Stylish Green Bed For The Bedroom

We won’t get tired of repeating it: the bedroom is the room where we recharge our batteries after a hard day’s work. And it deserves our full attention! With decoration in relaxed tones and, above all, quality rest equipment (base and mattress).

The bedroom is the room where we seek rest. Here we regenerate and gain new strength. For us to succeed, we not only need a comfortable bed: the right color scheme is also important for our sleep!

We connect colors with certain associations. Red is passionate, green is hopeful, yellow is positive, and blue is calming. The respective effect does not stop in your bedroom. Choosing the right colors for the bedroom is therefore essential for a restful night’s sleep and should not be underestimated. You can find the effect of all colors at a glance in our article on color psychology.

The fresh green color stands for health, and relaxation. And is therefore also the ideal wall color for the bedroom! Incidentally, mint green is particularly modern at the moment. But darker shades of green such as olive or forest green are also wonderful in the bedroom.

Complete the green oasis with evergreen houseplants. Cover pots in the beige-green color combination look great with this. The associated Feng Shui element is wood , which can also be found in the furnishings. A casual rattan pouffe creates a boho look, while a natural fiber rug extends in front of the bed. As relaxing as a walk in nature!











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