A Little Dream House With an Open Kitchen and a Garden

This house had become outdated and needed a comprehensive restyling to make it comfortable, again, for the whole family.

The first action of the decorator was to open the kitchen to enjoy a diaphanous and more practical day area to live with the family. By knocking down the partitions, the entire main floor has gained a wonderful light, because now it circulates from side to side of the house. By changing the ground, that the previous one was dark, the light explosion effect was reinforced. 

The bar is a sculptural piece of veneered wood that has a double function, although one of them remains hidden from view. It separates the kitchen from the living room and hides the heating. A two in one with a lot of styles. 

When opening the kitchen to the day area and thereby redistributing the space, a problem arose: the hall. It was important to separate it from the kitchen and give it its own entity, so they devised a screen-wall that collects the entrance and, thanks to the windows at the top, brings light to both spaces.

By being open to the day area, the decorator designed the kitchen to blend in with the space in total harmony: they have gathered the storage columns at one end and that has allowed me to extend the same kitchen furniture into the living room The result? A piece of furniture that starts out as a kitchen and evolves into a living room.

One of the challenges faced by the decorator was to unify the lacquered tone of the kitchen with the rest of the furniture in the living room that was made to measure. And so that the kitchen was not too flat, the decorator chose porcelain that imitates marble that breaks a little. The tones chosen to create contrast are always gray and black.

The dining room space has been framed with a striped wallpaper in stone and beige that goes from wall to wall, integrating this space into the day area and, at the same time, giving it its own personality. Once again here the decorator resorted to touches of black to give contrast: the lamp, the upholstered chairs, the iron frame of the table.

If the living room furniture ended up being transformed into kitchen furniture (or vice versa), the TV cabinet ends up in a bench with drawers for the dining room. Transformer furniture to make everyday life more comfortable and stylish!

In the bedroom there is a spectacular headboard made of wood slats that hides a secret: Framing the wall there is a hole, which is where the old headboard was. Instead of covering it, we transform it into a decorative element: placing some LEDs that light up at night. And the bedroom, in its entirety, is transformed. 

The dressing room already existed of origin and Pia did not touch it, the only intervention was to unify it chromatically in the tones of the house, in this case, a very trademark stone from Pia’s house. Thus it integrates into the decoration by camouflaging. 


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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