A Home That Is A Cult Of The Solidity Of The Earth Through Noble Materials

The constant connection with nature is evident in the construction of ‘Suíte das Pedras’, a residence designed by the architect João Daniel. The architect seeks to present a concept of literalism through careful architecture, with a special interest in precious stones and mining. A poetic ensemble that adapts perfectly to the landscape that surrounds it.

For the creation of this house, which has 120m², elements have been included that provide comfort and dynamism to the daily life of a couple of owners. In addition, there is a great combination between natural regional wealth and technology, without one excluding the other, but rather merge with balance. One of the main concerns of the architect was to create a space that could be inserted into the land, the mountain, the beach, or even on a roof. The result is a complete success!

At the same time, much of the materials used for the design are produced regionally by certified and environmentally friendly companies. In this way, the architect aims to boost the local economy, stimulating job creation and causing less environmental impact.

Most of the furniture and equipment is “loose” so residents can easily take it with them in case they want to move. This attention to the reuse of equipment contributes to reducing consumption and waste. The wood panels and natural stones are two elements that are repeated throughout the house, giving an incredible feeling of comfort and convenience.







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