A Hamptons Beach Retreat gets a Scandinavian-Style Interior Makeover

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design was asked to work on a home in a small beach town in the Hamptons. Luckily, the style-conscious clients wanted from them to transform their home into a light-filled Scandinavian-inspired getaway.

The team explored several different plan options for the 3000-square-foot home and partnered with local architecture firm TBD Design Studio. The results are not just incredible, but they are stunning! Nearly every room shifted and these changes were significant.

This renovation process is inspiring and the first thing that the designers bleached was the original oak floors. Then they added wood planks and beams to the ceilings, painted them white so they can maintain the minimal. In that way, the Scandinavian approach to all new cabinetry and millwork is set.


Re-decorating the kitchen, it has expanded to a location where there has been a screened-in porch. The designers increased the interior footprint this way.

Dining Room

Here you can see that the dining room furnishings are made from elegant materials, so the restrained material palette includes white painted wood, pale wood, marble, handmade white tile, and brass. This room includes a table, a simple chandelier, and a Danish classic chair.

Living Room

A living room with no Scandinavian designs wouldn’t be a Scandi decor so look what happened! It features more Danish design classics, as the woven Hans Wegner PP130 Circle Chair. Well, that’a good one. And look at the tall floor lamp! It’s simply amazing, isn’t it?

There are large built-in sofas for reading and relaxing, also, and two cozy rooms that are added. The staircase was completely opened up, so there were just two bedrooms added and one additional bathroom.

First, the designers took cues initially from their stylish clients when it came to furnishing the home. Once they were inspired by their personal taste when selecting art, furniture, and lighting the new home took some serious coziness. As the renovation was started the Lee and Helgerson interior design team designed many things. Some of them are the special bespoke types of furniture like the armoire, a desk, and a kitchen island.

After it all, through the photos, you are about to witness the stunning use of neutral natural leathers, nubby wools, handmade ceramic tiles, and wood. Bringing an organic quality and warmth to the home so that the result now is a bright, timeless and beautiful retreat that blends with the Danish design and a modern touch. In all, it’s a wonderful blend of styles, don’t you think so? By now we really believe that you fell in love with this home, as we did! Go through the photos and enjoy the scenery!


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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