A Finnish Log House Decor at its Finest

Just before the end of the 19th century, a Roslag farmer in Noorsviken north of Norrtälje got tired of being a farmer. He started a shipyard instead. The shipyard flourished quickly, causing more and more people to settle around, a forge, several houses, and even a grocery store were built.

Tour boats went from Nybrokajen out to Noorsviken in the summer. Then came the Kreuger Crash and the gold turned to sand. But one of the sons of the shipyard owner eventually managed to buy back a part, during the 1940s. Today, the beautiful house that was once a grocery store remains, along with many other places that were originally built during the shipyard’s heyday. The houses now accommodate both holiday homes and permanent residences. 

The fact that log houses do not need additional insulation and can handle large windows was also on the plus side.

Once construction started, it took four months to build the house. In the middle of the corona pandemic. The craftsmen came from Åland. Every time they went home after a construction shift, they were quarantined for two weeks. There were some challenges. But the house was built log by a log of arctic pine. 

It sounds magical, doesn’t it? Now take a small tour around the log home:


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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