A dreamy wood and glass cabin for outdoor living

“ This hut is a spaceship that brings us back to earth, to the essentials,” says Caspar Schols, the Dutch designer who designed it. When his father died, Caspar felt the need to withdraw into nature for five weeks. “ Walking in the forests and bathing in the lakes, I rediscovered the magic of life in the wilderness. ”

Returning from this life-saving isolation, he acceded to his mother’s request to design a cabin open to the outside for her. But Caspar sees further: he wants to be in osmosis with the environment. He is embarking on this observation cabin project in the heart of the Maashorst nature reserve, in the Netherlands.

“ I wanted an interaction with nature, to live in unison with the fauna and flora .”

The result is amazing: each cabin consists of two shells on rails, one in glass and the other in wood, which can be slid to offer different configurations for outdoor living. “ Depending on the weather, we distribute the partition walls more or less. ” Caspar’s project won an award, and an article in a decoration magazine caused a stir: his hut became so famous that he decided to build four more within the same “ glamping ” (contraction of glamorous camping) installed on reserve. In each, wood is essential to prolong this sense of merging with the forest. We live there with the comforts of a real home, following the rhythm of the seasons and in the company of animals, Exmoor ponies, bulls and other bison. Like a modern Robinson…

Take a look at the dreamy cabin:








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