9 Steps on How to Clean Ducted Air Conditioner Filter

Your ducted air conditioner is one of your best defences against bringing pollution, dust, and pollen into your home from outside. The unit’s air filters trap these particles so they don’t enter your home.

Over time, this accumulates on the filter and can impede its ability to clean your air. Leave it too long and this dust and grime can start travelling through your ducts and into your home. You could even lower your air conditioner’s running cost by 5-15 per cent with a clean filter compared to a dirty one.

We’ve got nine steps to clean your ducted air conditioner filters to keep your family healthy.

How to Clean Your Ducted Air Con Filter

Cleaning your ducted air conditioner return air filter is easy when you know how to do it. Your air conditioner should have come with an instruction booklet that would outline exactly how you can clean the air filters.

It’s the same general steps to clean your ducted air conditioning filters regardless of the brand or model. We’ve got nine steps you can follow to clean your filters that won’t take you the whole day or break your back.

1. Undo the Return Air Grille Frame Fixings

The air grille on your ceiling is typically secured in place with a thumbscrew or sliding clip. You will need to undo this to be able to open up the grille and access the filter.

Thankfully you won’t need any special tools to undo these. You’ll just need a ladder to be able to reach the grille. Make sure your ladder is on a sturdy surface so you can be safe while undoing the fixings.

2. Open the Grille

While you remove the final fixings in place, be sure to support the grille or else it will slam open. Once you’ve removed them all, lower the frame so it hangs vertically from your ceiling.

3. Slide Out the Filter

This frame contains the return air grille filter. The filter should easily slide out from here.

With the filter out, you can leave the grille open while you clean it. If it is hanging in a place with high foot traffic in your home, it would be wise to shut the grille.

4. Wipe the Frame with a Damp Cloth

With the filter out, take a damp cloth and give the frame a wipe to remove any dust and grime that might have accumulated here.

5. Use a Vacuum to Remove the Grime Buildup

Depending on how long it’s been since you last cleaned the filter, there could be a very thick buildup of grime on it. You can remove the bulk of this with your vacuum.

6. Wash in Warm Water

With the majority of the dirt off, now it’s time to thoroughly wash the filter with warm water. This can be done easily in the shower, bath, or a large sink.

7. Leave Out to Air Dry

Place the clean filter somewhere it can air dry. If the sun is out, use it to your advantage and place it in the sun.

You will need to wait for the filter to fully dry out before putting it back in the frame.

8. Slide the Filter Back In

With the filter clean and fully dry, slide it back into the frame.

9. Shut the Grille and Secure It

Shut the grille and secure it in place with the fixings. Now you’re left with a clean return air filter for your ducted air conditioner.

Importance of Clean Air Conditioner Filters

Dirty air filters come with a whole host of problems that you can easily avoid by cleaning them regularly. These include:

  • poor air quality in your home making your family feel sick
  • worsen the symptoms of allergy and asthma sufferers
  • reduced energy efficiency due to restricted airflow to fan coils
  • higher running costs
  • indoor unit components wear down faster
  • needs more frequent repairs

You can prevent these issues by cleaning the filter on your air conditioning system regularly. Professional HVAC technicians from Upside Down recommend you have a professional service your ducted system so the ducts can be cleaned too. Dust and grime can accumulate here and needs to be removed to improve your air quality even more.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter?

It’s recommended to clean your air conditioner filter at least twice a year. The best time to do this would be at the start or end of winter and summer. This way your ducted air conditioning is pumping clean air into your home during the seasons you rely on it most.

With these nine easy steps, you can enjoy fresh, clean air in your home all year round.


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