9 Rare Colors to Decorate the House

If you want to change and risk with different or rare colors in the decoration, you are in the right place, because we are going to show you 9 surprising tones that more than one will surely leave your mouth open. Walls, sofas, chairs, textiles… There are many ways to include them in the deco. Choose yours!


The green mint (or mint) is one of the freshest and sweet tones that exist, and although in recent seasons has become a hit of decoration, no longer a strange color. Personally, we love how it looks in specific pieces such as dining chairs, stools, children’s headboards, desk lamps … If it is a children’s room, you have free rein to combine it with other pastel tones such as pink and thus enhance the sweetness environment, but if not, stick with white.

2. RED

The color of passion, love, blood … There is no doubt that red is one of the most powerful colors that exist, but in decoration, it is still rare. In fact, it is not advisable to include it in the bedroom (unless you want to get on your nerves). The best thing you can do to add it to your home decor is to opt for textiles, vases, and very specific details. You can also choose an armchair or a sofa in this color, being clear that it will become the absolute protagonist of the room.


Orange is a vitamin color that gives off energy and good vibes, that’s why we love to decorate the living room (in the bedroom it is too much  – at least in its most intense version – and we prefer to opt for more calm tones that favor rest).

But if you do not dare to paint the walls with it, or you think it does not fit in with the general decoration, you can always add it in small elements such as curtains, cushions, vases, or flowerpots. And if, on the contrary, you want to highlight it, even more, the idea is to combine colors. Our recommendation? Choose orange for the walls and white for the sofas.


Belonging to the range of violet, the lilac color is very common when decorating children’s rooms, and its sweetness and fantasy aura are ideal for these tasks. But this color is also related to magic and spirituality, and of course, relaxation. How about including lilac in the sink? Your visitors will surely be fascinated by such an original choice!


Blue in its turquoise version is not a very popular color in decoration. At least, compared to whites and earth, tones that tend to dominate rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms. In fact, turquoise blue is so special and captivating that it is not recommended for creating a total look. It looks much better on its own, like this sofa with tufted upholstery, ideal in the company of the white and wood of the table.


Did you know that purple is intimately linked to royalty and luxury? Perhaps, for this reason, seeing it as the protagonist of walls and curtains in this distributor is so impressive. Indeed, it is a rare color to decorate the house, but rest assured that if you are looking to make an impact, you will achieve it with purple. Do you have high ceilings? So, bet on painting the walls with this tone and highlight it with a blank ceiling. Voilà!


As with orange, yellow is a cheerful and vitamin color, very energetic, and rare to decorate. In fact, seeing it in rooms with the bathroom or kitchen is like a solar eclipse: an event that only takes place every so often. The main reason? Because it is such an intense and particular color, it tends to tire us more easily than if we opted for a neutral tone.

Also, if you have chosen it following a trend, rest assured that as soon as it goes out of style you will want to get rid of it. However, used well, it is a very pretty color. In this kitchen, for example, it was paired with black to create contrast, and a couple of aged metal lamps were added to give it an industrial nod.


Ay, ay, ay … Neon colors are rare and difficult, very difficult. So difficult that we only recommend them for specific decorations in youth rooms. And it is that just seeing them hurts our eyes! So now you know, if your children have insisted on filling their bedroom with these colors of hell, try to convince them to choose small accessories such as a lamp, a luminous poster on the wall, or an illustration.


The wine color is great for seasons like fall or winter. Intense, deep, elegant, sophisticated… However, it can make the rooms look very dark. It is best to highlight it with materials such as copper or brass. They go to movies!


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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