9 Models And Types Of Bedroom Window You Should Choose

Who doesn’t enjoy gazing at the moon high in the sky or being woken by those incredible golden rays of the sun? 

But for this to happen, you cannot overlook a fundamental element. Do you know which one? The bedroom window! Without her, nothing like a baby. The bedroom window is essential to bring natural lighting and ventilation to the rooms.  And when choosing the best bedroom window, you need to consider different factors and not just price, ok? Therefore, in this post, we brought many tips and inspirations to help you choose the ideal bedroom window.

Where to install the bedroom window

Choosing the right wall for bedroom window installation is critical to ensure the best lighting and ventilation. Check out the tips:

light orientation

The orientation of the light is the first thing to consider. In Brazil, the east side (where the sun rises) receives the softest light in the morning, while the west side (where the sun sets) receives the warmest light in the afternoon.  The north side is where the incidence of sunlight is abundant throughout the day, while the south side is less luminous and less intense.

For those who live in hot places, it is interesting to install the window on the east side, where the morning light is received. Unlike those who live in colder places, where the idea is to position the window to the west so that the warmer afternoon sun rays warm the room.

Rain and wind

Also, note the direction of rain and wind in the region where you live. This helps determine the best window position in your room.

Room functionality

When building or renovating, have the room layout at hand. In this way, it is possible to analyze where the closets and the bed will be placed, so that the window is positioned on one of the opposite walls and does not interfere with the functioning of the room. 

Here are 9 bedroom window ideas to “light up” your project.











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