9 Interior Design Trends to Look Out for Before Selling Your Home

Interior design is a decision making factor for many home buyers. A splendid interior design of your home is sure to generate traffic. It’s like a marketing strategy used to entice buyers. One thing you should know is, houses may have similar architecture, but their interior designs can never be the same. It is therefore advisable to make your home stand out in the market by having a fascinating interior design.

Interior of the home is one of the main factors that a listing agent considers when putting a price on your home. Listing your home with poor interior designs will seriously mar your chances of getting a buyer quickly and even if you do, it may be at a lower price. When you find a realtor, he/she will also advise you some cost-efficient improvements that would give your home an edge over others since home buyers will check out a lot of home listings.

Your home is certainly not new anymore, but you need to give prospective buyers the feeling that they’re in a new place; a new home. Try as much as possible to revamp your interior design, you could try re-painting, repair any wear or tear, introduce fresh designs. The following interior design trends of 2019 can help inspire you.

The Hidden Kitchen Designs

You probably may not have heard about them because as the name implies, it stays hidden! Designers have come up with interesting and great ways of keeping your kitchen literally out of sight. Imagine your buyer doesn’t like opening shelves while making meals, this design is ideal for them.

If you have a kitchen interior that could be hidden behind a giant wardrobe, you’re selling your home within minutes! Then there’s the one I dubbed the ‘cool sink’ design. You can make your sink disappear with a nice well-designed slide.

Bathroom Designs

The bathroom is a vital room in every home and the design should be elegant and comfortable. Most real estate agents lay emphasis on the importance of classic interior designs hence the bathroom designs chosen should have a modern feel, bold colors and the perfect materials.

Brass and Gold (with vintage comeback)

Homebuyers will love these brass and gold bathroom fixtures. It entails new finishes like matte, satin and spun gold. It has a classy and modern feel to it. They can be used for bathroom sinks, toilet or the bathroom in whole.

Rounded Rectangle Vanity Mirrors

Homebuyers will compare agents and go with the one with home listings with impressive bathroom interior such as yours. This is a major tweak to the round mirror that was in vogue a few years back. Every buyer would definitely love to have this in their bathroom. It’s simple yet classy.

Side Mounted Faucets

Explore the beautiful bathroom side-mounted faucets and decide which to use to refurbish your home bathroom. Best designers include Besch Design, Ltd and Soko Interior Design.

Subway Bathroom Tile

If you want your bathroom to look attractive to buyers, subway tiles are the perfect choice. They are polished brick-like ceramic tiles and are highly fashionable. They look great in showers and tubs.

Floor-to-ceiling Shower Glass Enclosure

Glass shower enclosures or frameless shower glass doors are the new deal. You might have to go a little over the budget to get this done! This interior trend helps your home buyers to shower in style in a well-designed space.

Bedroom Designs

Several factors should be taken into consideration for the bedroom design because it’s the most intimate room of the house and also a comfort zone. You may choose a calm color to paint your room, classy wallpapers, elegant furniture, perfect flooring, and accessories for great finishing. These tips will help improve the appearance of your room.

Beautiful paintings

Imagine a large artwork that complements the color scheme of the room at the centre of your bedroom. It sure would attract potential buyers and make them want to see other rooms.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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