9 Ideas To Inspire Your Project For Hot Tower

If you’re planning your kitchen, you’ve most likely heard of the hot tower. And no wonder, since it appears in every type of kitchen these days. But what is it for? How should it be included in the project? Worth it? Follow the post with us and find out!

What is a hot tower?

Hot Tower is the name given to the joinery structure that involves heating appliances, such as electric, gas, and microwave ovens.

This structure, designed vertically, can also receive the dishwasher or other appliances of your choice. The important thing is that the tower is a functional and practical space for daily activities in the kitchen and, for this reason, it is essential to follow the hot tower planning guidelines. See the tips that we brought below.

Hot Tower Appliances

You must choose the hot tower appliances before you even plan the structure or buy it.

This is because you must ensure that the electros fit into the tower and not the other way around. By default, the most common is that the hot tower has compartments only for the oven and microwave. But you can change this scheme if you want, for example, a gas oven and an electric one, in addition to the microwave.

And to ensure a flawless look in your kitchen, opt for appliances of the same color and style. For example, if you opted for a stainless steel oven, keep this pattern in the other appliances, including the refrigerator that is usually very close to the tower.

Count on a designer

These professionals can offer an integrated, functional, and beautiful vision for the kitchen, making this very important home environment comfortable and beautiful to live in!

Now we are about to take you on some hot tower inspiration:











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