9 Ideas of Black Coating for Your Interior

Modern, refined and always on the rise in interior projects, the black coating has taken more and more space.

The large variety of models is one of the reasons for this trend, which is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

What are the advantages of the black coating?

A coating that stands the test of time. The black coating stands the test of time, but we’re not talking about durability (that’s for later), we’re talking about the timelessness of this type of coating.

That’s because it never goes out of date aesthetically. Any trend can come, modern, classic or rustic, the black coating appeals to them all without losing the topicality.

If you bet on the black coating, you will never feel that the decoration is “old” or boring.

How and where to use black coating

In the kitchen

One of the most common coatings for kitchens, especially the most modern ones, is black.

It is ideal as an upstand on the worktop wall, but can also be attached decoratively in other areas, e.g. B. on the underside of a brick counter.

In the bathroom

Another place where black flooring comes first is the bathroom. In this area of ​​the house, the coating is essential to retain moisture and prevent it from penetrating the walls and reaching other rooms in the house. Because of this, it is common for the coating to cover all the walls, especially those in the shower stall.

But in order not to overload the bathroom with the use of black coatings on all walls, consider the possibility of enforcing their use with coatings of other colours, such as white or wood.

In the rooms

Although not very common, a black coating can also be used in the bedroom. The best place for this is on the headboard wall, where the visual impact is even greater.

Since it is not humid, the room can receive different types of black coatings, ranging from gypsum 3D models to wallpaper, marble or ceramics.

To further enhance the space’s modern and sophisticated proposition, use a neutral colour palette and opt for wood accents to ensure comfort.


Another great place to invest in using black coating is outdoors. You can enhance the facade with the layer or even use it in a gourmet area.

In this case, the tip is to use the black coating for grilling to bring modernity and elegance to this traditionally rustic and sober space.

Check out now our 9 black coating ideas to get inspired:











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