9 Home Ideas for Nature Lovers

Many of us love the city, for a while, at least, but it’s a rare person who doesn’t also wish that they could have a little bit more of nature in their life. It’s important to remember, however, that this is always possible. There are plenty of effective ways to bring some nature into your home, and though it might feel like all homes these days exist in packed cosmopolitan areas, there are properties that are surrounded by nature for sale too. In this blog, we’ll take a look at nine home ideas for the people that just love nature.

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Natural Light

We’re lucky that we don’t always have to do anything drastic to get our fix of nature. Sometimes, just spending some time in the glorious sunshine is enough! You’ll find this much easier if sunshine is able to pass through into your home. No matter what your current sun-situation in the home is, remember that there are always ways to let more in. You can probably expand your window area by a few inches by investing in new windows and don’t forget just what giving your window glass a deep clean can do. Taking a more minimalist approach so that there’s less bulky furniture blocking the light and adding mirrors to the light spots of your home can also make the space look brighter.

In the Outdoors

It usually takes people some time to realize that they love nature. People are naturally attracted to the excitement of the city, but after a few years, they begin to long for a place that makes it easier to get their fill of nature. Alas, in most cases, this usually means having to leave the city. You’ll find plenty of excellent homes surrounded by nature once you look away from cosmopolitan cities. One such option are the homes offered in Lakeland FL, which are often located nearby to the water or the lush green grass of a golf course. Property and land sizes are bigger in that area than they are in more urban areas, too, which means you’ll more easily get to enjoy the outdoors right in your own yard.

Front Yard

And talking of yards: make the most of yours. The front and back yard will likely be your only private area of outdoor space, so don’t let it go to waste. There are plenty of effective ways to make your yard feel more natural, with the simplest options simply being to add plenty of plants, grass, and trees. You might want to keep a section of your front yard free so that you can park your car, but the rest of the area should be fair game when it comes to adding touches of nature.

Get Growing

If that takes care of the front of your home, then what about the back? You’ll want to have all the things you need to live well out there, such as outdoor furniture, a fire pit, and BBQ, but the bulk of the space should be dedicated to nature. This means adding plants and flowers — if you’re a newcomer to this, then choose plants that are native to your local area. They’ll be much easier to look after. One excellent way to make your home feel more natural is to get a vegetable garden underway. This won’t just provide you and your family with fresh vegetables each day, but it’ll also make you feel more connected to nature in a direct way. There’s something highly satisfying about spending your day with your hands in the dirt, looking after the vegetables that you’re growing.


Fill the Home With Plants


Which brings us onto the inside of your home. There’s no reason to keep all the natural touches in the outdoors. Plants have long been recognized as one of the best ways to improve the decor of a room. Indeed, just adding one plant to an otherwise barren room can make a difference. If you want to have the biggest, however, then it’s best not to play things too safe. Go crazy! There’s a great story about a woman in New York who effectively turned her apartment into a rainforest by adding hundreds of plants. This approach would require a fair amount of work to keep all the plants alive and thriving, but it’ll make your home more enjoyable, since plants purify the air and also give our moods a nudge in the right direction.

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Attracting Wildlife

If you’re looking to take your nature-vibes to the next level, then take a look at attractive wildlife to your backyard. The best way to do this is to add a bird-feeder, which will bring plenty — and varied — flying creatures to your property. There are also plants you can put in your yard that’ll attract an assortment of insects, too, such as butterflies. It can be highly enjoyable to sit back in your yard and watch birds stop by your property.

Small Decorations

Inside your home, why not look at adding small, nature-themed decorations around the place? Simple things, such as jars of sand, seashells, wooden decorations, and pinecones can all bring a touch of the outdoors into your home. It’ll be even better if you have something of a connection to the items, so look at picking up these items when you’re on your travels or exploring the outdoors near to where you live.

Works of Art

Another effective way to give your property a shot of nature is to add works of art that depict natural scenes. These can be paintings or photographs. Most people don’t make enough of art in the home anyway; adding ones with a beautiful view can really liven up the home.

Wood and Stone

Finally, look at incorporating natural elements, such as wood and stone, into your home wherever possible. A beautiful wood countertop in your kitchen, for example, will give it that lovely farmhouse vibe, which you can top off by displaying your fruit and veg in a wooden basket.


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