9 Great Large Room with Amazing Decor

Do you have a large roomCongratulations! This is a rarity these days. But on the other hand, having a large room does not mean that decorating it is easier or requires less care.

On the contrary, the wrong choices can leave your room looking messy if you clutter the space with lots of furniture or objects, or else it can seem too cold and informal, causing a feeling of discomfort, since a large and poorly filled environment can make that impression. The question remains: how to decorate a large room correctly? The answers you can see in the topics below. Check out each one and find out how to make your big room comfortable and cozy:


It is not because your room is large that you will fill it with furniture. The use of furniture should be done in a rational and functional way, just as if you have a small room. The difference here is that you have more freedom to use certain types of furniture and choose the size, which is a smaller room is unthinkable.

In a large room, for example, it is possible to use coffee tables, side tables, puffs, and armchairs, in addition to the traditional and indispensable double sofa and rack. This complementary furniture helps to break the real dimension of the environment and transform it into a more welcoming place, where everything is closer, without great distances to be covered.

Carpets and Curtains

Two indispensable items in a large room: carpet and curtain. They are responsible for the feeling of warmth and welcoming. When choosing the models, pay attention to the measures so that everything is proportional.


Lighting is also essential in a large room decoration project. This is because the light has the function of bringing comfort to the environment, especially the directed lights. A tip is to opt for floor lamps, after all, you have space for that. Another way to insert lighting is with LED strips on the floor or embedded in the ceiling.

And don’t forget the trick: yellow lights to create a warm and intimate atmosphere, while white lights should be used to reinforce natural lighting.

Dark Tones

If for small environments the tip is always to opt for light tones in the decoration, in a large room the idea is reversed. Wide environments are favored with the use of dark tones, such as green, blue, brown, gray, and even black.

They help to make the room more visually comfortable and limit the feeling of space. Try painting one of the walls with these colors, using them on the sofa or carpet, for example.


The keyword for decorating a large room in proportion. Can you imagine a huge wall with a rack or a tiny sofa? It can’t, right? So think of furniture that will accommodate the space you have available.

Decorative Objects

Another tip is to use and abuse pictures, pillows, lamps, art objects, potted plants, and whatever else is in your decorating style. All of these elements contribute to a more welcoming and well-filled room.

Did you like the tips? But it’s not over yet. Below is a selection of photos of large rooms decorated for you to be inspired and see in practice how to apply all that we talked about just now. Just take a look:











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